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We are the exclusive distributor in Canada of these brands:

a.b.art Swiss Made is a watch brand for women and men who prefer unostentatious design. a.b.art is different. a.b.art is authentic. These watches are not about glitter and glamour but much rather about sophisticated beauty, low-key shapes and materials as well as high Swiss quality.    http://www.abartwatches.com

Altanus Watches distinguishes itself for its personality which express a clear love for complicated mechanisms, the research of coupling, the style details, the preciosity of material, and still more, for the constant research of a strong and innovative design. Altanus has a precise philosophy: to safeguard tradition creating watches that are not considered usual or out-of-date. Altanus is an example of a firm founded in the past that turns its dynamic and creative look perseveringly to the future.    http://www.altanus.com

German engineering has traditionally prized technology and craftsmanship, and Junkers Watches are not the exception to this tradition. With high performance watches, excellent quality and extraordinary ruggedness, Junkers Watches are among the best watches that money can buy in todays watch market.   http://www.pointtec.de

01THE ONE believes in quality and creates products at exceptionally high standards using superior materials, emphasizing attention to details and stringent quality controls. The results are extraordinary watches with unmistakable presence.

01THE ONE is more than anything - a fashion statement   http://theone-watches.com

Torgoen Swiss was created by aviation enthusiasts and watch manufacturers with a mission to create a line of professional pilot watches. With aviator watches featuring E6B Flight Computers to GM Dual Time hands that read time in military format, Torgoen's focus is in creating professional pilot instruments.     http://www.torgoen.com